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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there already a James W. Foley Legacy Foundation office in Washington DC?

    No, there is not.

    Part of this job would be to establish a physical presence in Washington DC.However, JWFLF does already has many connections and strong support in DC.

  • Does the candidate need to be a US citizen and live in the Washington, DC area?


  • What are the qualifications for this Executive Director position?

    • A passion for Jim’s legacy of moral courage in our government, journalism and humanity
    • Core values of moral courage, compassion, commitment and advocacy for others
    • An interest in the return of Americans taken hostage abroad, the safety of journalists and preservation of our free press
    • Bachelor’s degree required, Masters preferred. Areas of specialization: Management, Political Science/Government, Communications, Development and/or National security
    • Excellent listening, verbal and writing skills, organizational management and engaging personality
    • Ability to work with President/ Board Chair and JWFLF Board
  • What is the application deadline?

    December 31, 2018

  • What is the timeline for decisions?

    In general, the timeline for reviewing applications is subject to change and depends on the number of applications we receive as well as on the availability of reviewers.

    JWFLF members of the Selection Committee will review all of the applications in January and February. This first review will winnow the group down to 40 to 50 finalists. Those who have not made it to the next round will be notified in February.

    Those who are selected as finalists will be contacted in February as well. At this point, finalists will be asked to schedule interviews with the program as part of the selection process. We will also ask for contact information for references at this stage (they are not requested before this time).

    Applications are private—we ask anyone involved in the selection process not to share or discuss any of the candidates or materials with outsiders.

    We expect to make our final selections in April and will contact finalists about our decisions at that point.

    The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation plans to publicly announce our new JWFLF Executive Director in May 2019.

  • How selective is the application process?

    Our application process is highly selective. For our last position in New Hampshire, we received over 300 applications for one position.

  • What kind of work samples are you looking for?

    Please pick out the work that best shows off your abilities.  This may include writing samples, video clips, audio or photo essays.  Only allow three samples please.

  • Do you require references with the initial application?

    No, we will only ask finalists (once notified in February) to submit contact information for references that we can reach out to.

  • What would the pay range and benefits include?

    • Salary commensurate with qualifications
    • Health insurance
    • Vacation
    • etc

Job Description

The new JWFLF ED will be responsible for the overall administration and management of the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation, including business operations, fundraising and oversight of event planning.  The areas of responsibility include planning and evaluation, policy development and administration, personnel and fiscal management and public relations.  A key responsibility will be expanding the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation’s Washington, D.C. presence and influence.  This is a 30-40 hr/wk. position, directly accountable to the JWFLF Board of Directors through the Board Chair, Diane Foley.

  • Management/Administration
    • Will develop Washington DC as base of operations
    • Monthly visit to New Hampshire office for office management and synchronization of office systems with New Hampshire office
    • Develop and facilitate a strategic planning process with the Board
    • Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the JWFLF vision/mission
    • Develop and administer operational policies
    • Oversee and evaluate all programs, services and activities
    • Oversee business development
    • Ensure compliance with funding sources & regulatory requirements
    • Personnel management
      • Administer JWFLF Board approved personnel policies, Supervision, evaluation of all staff and volunteers; Ensure legal hiring and termination procedures
    • Fiscal
      • Develop, recommend and monitor annual and event budgets with JWFLF Treasurer
      • Approve expenditures
      • Provide proper fiscal record-keeping and reporting /Ensure audit trails
      • Submit monthly financial statements to JWFLF Board
    • Fundraising/Development
      • Cultivate donors, both individual and corporate, & assist Diane with visits
      • Work closely with Board to prioritize development
      • Prepare and submit grant applications/funding proposals
      • Event planning support
    • Board Relations
      • Assist Board chair in planning Agenda and materials for Board meetings
      • Initiate and assist in developing policy recommendations
      • Work with Board to fundraise
      • Orientation of new board members
    • Public Relations and Government Liaison
      • Serve as deputy liaison/ambassador for JWFLF in Washington DC
      • Ensure appropriate representation of JWFLF with partners, alliances and with the United States government (Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs and the Hostage Recovery Group)
    • Program/Mission Development:
      • Work with Diane Foley and staff to continue to develop Jim’s legacy program
      • Evaluate the impact of JWFLF programs and report quarterly to JWFLF Board

To Apply

Please send your cover letter and résumé to:

By December 31st, 2018