May/June Newsletter

A Message from Diane

Dear Friends of Jim,

Jim’s legacy is making a huge difference for the return of Americans held hostage abroad! The new Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell has brought 66 Americans home since 2015!

Our inaugural James Foley Freedom awards on May 3rd at the Newseum was attended by 240. Three American heroes of freedom were honored. See the story below for links to videos of the honorees and event photos.

Additionally, the film “Jim, The James Foley Story” is being integrated into an educational safety module for use at schools of journalism and has been invited to be used for training at the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell.

The Foley 5K is on Saturday, OCTOBER 15TH… only 4 months away! Challenge yourself and friends to build Freedom Teams to join us wherever you live in the world!

Your caring and generosity allow Jim’s spirit to continue to make a difference in our world. I am forever grateful to each of you!

Heartfelt thanks and love,


Last June 2015, the Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell (HRFC) was established and a new Presidential Envoy was appointed – both are dedicated to the return of American hostages.

Diane Foley participated in the first Hostage policy review in Washington DC in early June. She met with White House officials and the HRFC staff.

Five returning American hostages were welcomed home at the first Foley Freedom Awards on May 3rd in DC.

Hostage US officially launched this April 2016 and is already supporting families of hostages. You can get involved by offering legal, psychological or communications expertise, by donating or by setting up a fundraising event. See the ways you can get involved.

JWFLF is funding a joint research project with Hostage US to gather information on American hostages.
Hostage US is eager to hear from anyone who has conducted research on kidnapping or is willing to share their data to help improve public understanding.



The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation has helped convene and financially support this international coalition of media companies, journalist NGO’s and freelancers to promote safety and equity for conflict journalists. ACOS will launch their website in June.

Jason Reich, BuzzFeed’s Director of Security, is leading ACOS’ effort to build the first-ever secure, online portal where freelancers and news organization security directors can share safety information regarding dangerous assignments.

David Milliken, Agence France Presse’s North America Director, is leading an ACOS effort to find a way to provide affordable health, disability and equipment insurance to freelancers.



Professor Ellen Shearer, Bureau Chief for Medill News Service and Medill Washington Program and Co-Director of the National Security Journalism Initiative at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, has drafted an educational module for schools of journalism with Delphine Halgand, Director of the DC office for Reporters Without Borders, and help from A Culture of Safety alliance.

This new module will be presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication this summer. This module will employ the film “Jim, the James Foley Story” to stimulate discussion and learning.


First James Foley Freedom Awards
May 3,2016

The inaugural James Foley Freedom Awards was an overwhelming success with
three heroic Americans receiving well deserved honors. [Click on the honorees’ name to view their video shown at the event.]

David Bradley, owner of Atlantic Media, received the James Foley American Hostage Freedom award for his work to bring kidnapped Americans home.

David Rohde, reporter with Thomson Reuters, received the James Foley World Press Freedom award for his efforts to protect freelance journalists in conflict zones.

Nadia Alawa, founder of NuDay Syria, received the James Foley Humanitarian award for support of Syrian women and children.

Photographs from the event can be found here.

We are so thankful for the overwhelming support we received at the event and look forward to hosting the second annual James Foley Freedom Awards next year.