Jim’s Vision Is Our Vision

All American hostages will return home and conflict journalists who bring truth to light, like Jim, will be valued and protected.

James W. Foley’s spirit touched millions of people. The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation is committed to seeing his living legacy inspire millions more to promote freedom and justice in our world.

Jim envisioned a world that respected the dignity and life of each person, regardless of socioeconomic status, cultural background or nationality. His life demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to the freedom of the press and to advocacy for basic human rights.

Jim was known for his caring and joyful spirit, commitment, and bold idealism in an often cynical world. He gave a voice to those marginalized by poverty and conflict. Jim befriended them, listened to their stories and advocated for them. Jim was driven by a deep compassion for those without a voice.

The Foley Foundation Mission

The mission of the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation is to advocate for the safe return of all Americans detained abroad, to protect independent conflict journalists and to educate regarding these threats to our freedom.

  • We advocate

    • For the safe return of all American hostages kidnapped abroad

    • For families of American hostages in cooperation with Hostage US

    • For ongoing research on American hostage policy to ensure protection of Americans working internationally

    • For improved safety and treatment of independent freelance conflict journalists

  • We aim to protect

    • The rights of independent conflict journalists to report safely from conflict zones

    • The work of international Alliance for a Culture of Safety (ACOS) to provide editor training/ risk assessment

    • Aspiring university students interested in international work through the James W. Foley Safety Guide Curriculum, using “Jim: The James Foley Story

  • We educate

    • The public regarding the silent crises of hostage taking and threats to freedom of speech

    • University students of journalism, foreign policy, and peace and justice studies on preventative safety measures to meet the inherent dangers of international work

Our Team

Board of Directors

Diane M. Foley, Founder and President

Ellen Shearer, Secretary

Doug Patteson, Treasurer

John W. Foley

Martha Foley Jackson

April Goble

David Rohde

Jere Van Dyk

John Kanberg

William Ryan

Thomas Durkin

Pro-bono Advisors : Legal

Patrick Rowan (District of Columbia)

William Ryan (California)

Joshua Fleming (Wisconsin)

Michael Joyce (Massachusetts)

Pro-bono Advisors : Public Relations

Wendy Morigi (District of Columbia)

Kathy Gest (District of Columbia)

Pro-bono Advisors : IT Consultant

Fernando Colina

Pro-bono Advisors : Strategic Planning/Organizational Development

Ken Cereghino

Pro-bono Advisors

 David Bradley (District of Columbia): Media and White House

Gary Noesner: Former FBI Negotiator


Hostage US

Hostage US is an independent non-profit organization that supports hostages and their families both during and after a kidnapping.”

Reporters Without Borders

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is the world’s biggest NGO specializing in the defense of media freedom, which we regard as the basic human right to be informed and to inform others.”

The Groundtruth Project

The GroundTruth Project is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to supporting a new generation of international correspondents and to adding increased knowledge and understanding on critical global issues through our enterprise journalism.”

Atlantic Media

Atlantic Media is dedicated to equipping opinion leaders with breakthrough ideas and original insights. Its powerful brands, including The Atlantic, Government Executive, National Journal,  Quartz, and Defense One reach leaders across all sectors—consumer, business, media, and government.”

Phoenix Foley Alliance

“The mission of the Phoenix Foley Alliance is to preserve the spirit and legacy of James Foley by providing financial assistance to those of economically disadvantaged backgrounds.”


The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. We defend the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.”

Dart Center

The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma is a resource center and global network of journalists, journalism educators and health professionals dedicated to improving media coverage of trauma, conflict and tragedy.”


The OPC seeks to maintain an international association of journalists working in the United States and abroad; to encourage the highest standards of professional integrity and skill in the reporting of news; to help educate a new generation of journalists; to contribute to the freedom and independence of journalists and the press throughout the world, and to work toward better communication and understanding among people.”

Rory Peck Trust

The Rory Peck Trust provides practical and financial support to freelance journalists and their families worldwide, assisting them in times of crisis and helping them to work more safely and professionally.”

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The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonstock corporation formed under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes.